Cook's "instructions" for a set of fake observations (click to enlarge)
Finally, two men, George Dunkle and August Loose, came forwarded to swear additional affidavits saying they had been hired by Cook to manufacture a set of faked astronomical observations in proof of his having been at the Pole.   By this time Cook had disappeared, and in fact had left the country.  Although his private secretary confirmed that Cook had dealt with Dunkle and Loose, he maintained the dealings were not for the purpose of forging proofs to be used to convince the Danes, to whom Cook had promised the evidence of his attainment of the Pole.  Cook, himself, later maintained that the Dunkle and Loose affidavits were another conspiracy of  “The Arctic Trust” to discredit him.  However, the verifiable facts contained in their affidavits are all true.
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