Cook's medals

The Field Museum in Chicago still preserves many of the objects Cook collected in 1891-92, but the majority are not on display. The Frederick A. Cook Room at the Historical and Cultural Museum of Sullivan County in Hurleyville, NY maintains some interesting items, including one of Cook's Antarctic sleds, a US Flag taken to Antarctica by Cook, some Inuit artifacts gathered by him, and such unique mementos as the dress Cook's wife wore to the Arctic Club Dinner and the vellum scroll given Cook by the aldermen of New York when he was presented the Freedom of the City. His honorary degree from the University of Copenhagen is in the Library of Congress. His medals are on display in his niche at his burial place in Buffalo, NY.

Frederick Cook's autograph is fairly common, especially signed copies of the third edition of My Attainment of the Pole. His signature in his other books is far less common. An ALS is less common still, but Cook wrote a lot of letters and except for his period as an oil speculator, he almost never typed them. Autographed pictures are least common of all. The reproduced signature is typical of his mature writing, which was somewhat neater in his youth.
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