Click on a dot to see a picture of the area:
The black route is Cook's claimed route, the red is Cook's probable route.

Jerry Kobalenko is the world's champion trekker on Ellesmere Island, having traveled more miles there than Frederick Cook and Robert Peary combined.  He entertainingly recounts some of his experiences in his recent book, The Horizontal Everest, and relates a number of stories of explorers who visited Ellesmere.  Jerry is also an award winning photographer.  He has kindly provided a number of pictures taken along the route Dr. Cook followed in 1908-1909 on his journey he said took him to the North Pole.  Click on the dots to follow Cook's route and see some of the desolate beauty that remains unchanged nearly a hundred years after he passed that way. Some additional pictures of Cook's igloo at Cape Hardy and the surrounding area are courtesy of Steven Appolloinaro and used by permission.
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